We are an independent motorcycle tour company established in Romania.
     “After I went around Europe a few times by myself and also as a guide for my friends, I must say that every single time I’ve had the best time on Romanian roads. I have decided that I need to show the world this little gem from Eastern Europe. “
     Florin M. – Founder of Ride Me Better

Our team

     We are a group of friends that want to show everyone how beautiful Romania really is and why Dracula decided to build his castle over here, in the heart of Transylvania. What Jeremy Clarkson meant when he said that the Transfagarasan Highway is the best road in the world (you can see it on Top Gear, probably is running on Dave right now).

     Our main goal is to share our passion for bikes and for traveling with you and give you one of the best holidays and the most amazing experience abroad.

     We tried to create such tours where you can enjoy beautiful roads, breathtaking views. All of this while enjoying unique activities which you can do only with us. Some of these activities are bear watching, going in a shooting range and blow off some steam using live ammo, descending into an old salt mine, wine tasting etc.


Florin or how friends call him "Masca", setup Ride Me Better so bikers all across the world are able to explore and enjoy beautiful land of Romania.
Treats: Good taste of music
Curent bike: HD sportster, Honda Hornet


Emil is one of the persons who got involved with Ride Me Better. His knowledge of Romanian roads and his friendly personality makes him a great guide.
Treats: Great beard
Curent bike: Yamaha Virago


Why come with us?

Our main goal is to offer you the best taste of Romania and Transylvania in particular. We goanna go around Romania and experience and see things which you cannot see anywhere else in the world.
We are going to explore the town where Dracula was born, Sighisoara. Walking thru the city on his cobble stone streets is like walking into a fairy tale. Is one of the best medieval preserved living cities in the Europe.

We are going to visit Brasov, a city in the mountains which is close to Bran Castel. Bran Castel is the home of Dracula. Also is you experience close to Brasov, bear watching. You are going to be taking into a forest in a safe house where you can see bears in their natural habitat from a safe distance but close enough.

If you are in Romania you have to go on Transfagarasan Highway. Twisting his way thru the mountains is one of the best roads to drive along maybe the best according to Top Gear review. The road is filled with breath-taking views and natural surroundings.

Why Ducati?

We would like to offer to our future friends the best experience and because of that we asked over a 1000 people which they been on this road, which type of bike would they use “and the most common answers (300-350 each) adventure and port tourer. A bit behind with wit just over 100 answer was super sports bike. Seeing all this answer we tried to please everybody so we decided that Ducati Multistrada is the best bike for it. It has 4 riding mods (off road, urban, tourer and sports) and because of that you can enjoy comfy ride but as soon as we reach the best twisty roads you can unleash the beast and enjoy yourself, of course in the speed limit .

Why BMW 650 GS?

We are aware that in this world they are a some shorter or beginners rider and because
of that the we would like to offer them a bike which they can fell more confident with. BMW
is a great middleweight bike with a great mpg.

Riders that enjoyed our tours

The key thing I think about Romania , Transylvania in particularly is that’s so much we can learn from , but’ s is the last corner of Europe where you see true sustainability and complete resilience and maintenance of the entire ecosystem to the benefit of the mankind and also for nature and we there’s so much we must learn from that before is too late, I think

Prince Charles

My partner and I had a really good time in Romania with Florin. He is very knowledgeable about the whole of Romania and the history of it. It was interesting to learn about the country as we were traveling through. Florin always knew where to find the best places for local food and we tried traditional Romanian food which was delicious. We went to a shooting range which is something we have never done and we both enjoyed it. We went on the Transalpine roads which were amazing, long winding roads with beautiful scenery, it was breath-taking. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to explore a beautiful country with a brilliant guide.

Craig Mitchel

Dracula Castle A fabulous day out, A great day exploring some of Transylvania. Splendid shops for food and drinks nearby, Highly recommend visiting.


Do you want the best ride of your life?

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